Album Of Irish Showbands



FEBRUARY  6th, 7th and 8th   2015


 Having grown up during the fantastic Showband era and having experienced it from both sides, stage and floor (mainly floor), I felt it a good idea to put together this Album. It is a way of letting others recall the memories of a great era when Bands and Ballrooms sprouted up all over the country.

This album is, in the main, a pictorial trip down memory lane. I have made no attempt to include details of history as I am not qualified to do so. Along with that those aspects are comprehensively covered on other sites.
I have had a massive amount of help from a number of people with this site and without their contributions it would not have been possible.
There are 1301 bands represented on the site by at least one picture. There were a lot more bands at the time so if anyone can contribute scans etc., it would be much appreciated.

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Sincere thanks to those who have contributed items so far...

Francis Molloy, Tommy Dunne, Gerry Nevin, Betty Tyrrell, Betty Kelly,Des Mulhall, Michael Gilligan, Helen McCoy, Jim Conlon, Roy Adinell, Joshua Robinson, Tom E. King, Des Hickey,Lynne Hamilton,Bryan Ellis,Mary Schwartz, Bill Campbell, Kathleen Smith, Adrian Logue, Alan Jones, Gene Chetty, The Davitt Showband, Dennis Heaney, Paddy O'Connor,Gerry Gallagher, John Baird, Mary Katillus, Liam Kelly, John McMaster, Ann Mulholland, Aisling Bowyer, Mitch Cuss and Brass & Co.,Oldwarrenpoint Forum, Johnnie Wall, John Lynch, Shane Supple, Eugene McCauley, Dave Moynihan, Willie Deery, Margo & Trevor Burns, Steve Travers, Brid (Letterkenny), Alan Carr, Michele Cameron, Tom Grogan, Anthony O'Hagan, Cha Lynch (Maurice Lynch Band), John Byrne, Paddy Gallagher, Larry O'Hagan, Gregory Murphy, Jim Prendergast, Lisa Jacob Kealy, Anne Byrne, Trevor Miller, Eileen King, John O'Neill, Packie Keeney, Harry O'Reilly  (Drogheda), Paddy Gordon, Irish Photo Archive, Joe Dodd, Roy Vogan, Michael Mulcahy, Paddy Gallagher, Paidin Byrne, Tony Bagnall, Brian Birkett, Martin Coffey,Robert Merchant, Denise O'Connor Murphy (Denis O'Connor Archive. Wexford), Crawford Bell, Ben Stuart, Ron Clayton, Joe Dooley, Liam Brennan, Henry Neill, Jackie Devlin, Mary Clancy, Willy Byrne and many more
For information about Harry O'Reilly's(Drogheda), Showband book, Play It Again Paddy, go to this link....

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 If you have some showband pics or other memorabilia we'd love to hear from you. throughout including some of TWEED!!!!!!

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1301 Bands 

92 Folk/Ballad Groups.

11,735 pics.

130 Showband Records.